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‘With-On’ White: New article in Aggregate

The first article from the TiO2 project is finally published by The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative. The article "‘With-On’ White: Inconspicuous Modernity with and on Aesthetic Surfaces, 1910–1950" is co-written by Ingrid Halland and Marte Johnslien and investigates the hitherto unknown history of the invention of the titanium white pigment.

In this article, Johnslien and Halland combine methods and works in artistic research with research in the humanities. Through an interdisciplinary research design, they have worked with several methods in order to write the article: material experiments, archival research, analysis of primary sources, visual analysis, site fieldwork, co-writing, and critical studies in architectural history and theory. This article is the first output of the two linked research projects “The Materiality of White” and “How Norway Made the World Whiter” led by Johnslien and Halland, funded by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (DIKU) and The Norwegian Research Council. An early draft of the article was presented as the keynote lecture “Material Withdraw: How Modernism Made the Surface Invisible” at the symposium Kunsthåndværk i en digital tid at the University of Southern Denmark, January 20, 2022.

The article is a part of the Aggregate “Toxics” Project, December 2022, edited by Meredith TenHoor and Jessica Varner.

Aggregate's 'Toxics' research project (2021 - 2023)

What does the history of toxics reveal about the history of architecture, and what can the history of architecture contribute to histories of toxics? By narrating histories of materials that so often evade our consciousness, governance, and control, we can understand the corporeal, environmental, and social impacts of architecture and landscape.

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