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Book contract with Brill

We are proud to announce that we have signed the book contract for our latest book Deep White: Unsettling White in Western Art History and Aesthetics with the acclaimed publisher Brill. The book includes 30 chapters written by leading and emerging scholars and artists from all over the world, and will be edited by Ingrid Halland, Tonje Haugland Sørensen, and Helene Engnes Birkeli. The book with be a part of Brill’s book series Studies in Art & Materiality, which is a peer-reviewed book series dedicated to innovative scholarship about the relation between art, materials, and making.

Unsettling white

Deep White will uncover how the myths, materialities, and ideologies of white colour in Western art history have been caught up in different unsettling ambivalences, such as beauty, progress, and colonial gestures. Spanning geographically and chronologically from the Greek antiquity to white arctic landscapes in climate change aesthetics, the aim of the book is to critically unfold different “unsettling” situations—from mass-exploitations of mineral resources, ideals of white beauty, invisibility, homogenization, and technological progress—that white colour in Western art history and aesthetics are entangled in. The chapters are tied together by a clear focus on the aestheticization of the materiality of white; the chapters discuss marble, plaster, paint, snow, glass, milk, porcelain, and make-up powder.


The book has a key methodological sub-objective: To merge arts-based research methods from artistic research and research-by-design with theoretical, historical, and critical methods within art history, aesthetics, and art theory. The chapters are written by art historians, artists, and designers, and in addition to conventional academic book chapters, the book also induces shorter artistic essays and photographic essays which explore and contextualize white in art history with and through contemporary art and design practices.

This marks a significant milestone for the TiO2 Project. A book launch event - which will include an exhibition and a symposium - is planned to take place in London in September 2025.

Julia K. Persson, “White canvases” (2023) Installation of textiles in natural fibers, porcelain clay, white earthenware clay, titanium dioxide, mounted on a structure of spruce- and pinewood. Photo: Julia K. Persson.


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