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Fieldwork November 2022

From left: Maiken Stene, Hans Edward Hammonds, Ingrid Halland, and Marte Johnslien

In November 2022, the TiO2 project spent a week in Sokndal, Norway. Together with our collaborators we are planning and programming the for the next five years.

During the week, we did fieldwork and photography in the Titania mine, Sandbekk laboratory, and Jøssingfjord area. We held collaborator meetings with Titania (Marte Kristine Tøgersen, Head of Research and Developement at Titania), Velferden (Maiken Stene and Hans Edward Hammonds), Finn Nesvold, and Dalane Folkemuseum (June Stuen, Bess Grastveit, Olaug Økland, Leif Dybing). Site visit to Jøssingfjord Science Museum in their newly built museum. The first exhibition from the TiO2 project will open in Jøssingfjord Science Museum in 2024.

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