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From White to Living Surfaces

We are happy to share the work of two talented designers, Elida Høvik and Luca Verde, who have recently graduated from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design with an MA in Industrial Design (2024). Høvik and Verde have collaborated on their MA thesis project "Living Surface: A critical material exploration, questioning the synthetic surface", which is in dialogue with the TiO2 Project.

Elida Høvik and Luca Verde, 'Living Surface' (MA thesis, 2024)

In their thesis, Verde and Høvik ask:

– How might we reveal hidden processes to challenge the contemporary aesthetic of the surfaces that surround us?

Their study is research-driven and supported by visual communication. Instead of solving one specific problem, Høvik and Verde have worked with a possibility-driven approach, exploring alternatives to synthetic surfaces by learning from tradition and combining this knowledge with new inventions.

By using comparison as a tool, they suggest a shift from synthetic to living surfaces. This shift, they argue, requires a change in mindset, both in production and aesthetic expression. 

The outcome of the MA thesis is a handbook, a vocabulary list, a video, and an artifact that together questions the synthetic surface and showcases an alternative now.

We are excited to share one of their research outputs here - the video - and we are looking forward to future collaborations:

If you have any questions about their work, please get in touch with Elida or Luca:



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