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Inaccurate stories in the media

In order to clarify inaccurate claims about the TiO2 project that circulate in various websites, we have given an interview in Morgenbladet, in which our main message is that: "We are not saying that Norway has launched racist attitudes." Moreover, the story circulating on Fox News and other media platforms is not accurate, we are not investigating or claiming that white paint is racist.

The article is online, but only accessible for Morgenbladet's subscribers:

We welcome debate and critical questions, however, we are not claiming that white paint is racist.

The reasons why the TiO2 project is connected to post-colonial theory is because there are some advertisements in the archive - designed in the 1920s - that connect the titanium white pigment to white skin color. We are investigating the posters from a historical perspective and discusses critical theory in relation to these posters. Read about the approach to the posters in Ingrid Halland and Marte Johnslien's article published in Aggregate in January 2023:

The TiO2 project will tell numerous and nuanced stories about the invention of titanium white.

Finally, the TiO2 project is not sponsored by Titania and Kronos Titan, as some newspapers inaccurately claim. We have an open dialogue with the companies. There is no financial connection. As part of our collaboration group, geologist Marte Kristine Tøgersen (Head of Research and Development at Titania) contributes with her knowledge about geology and mining with the core research team.


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