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Keynote by Ingrid Halland at Aedes

In December 2022, Principal Investigator of 'How Norway Made the World Whiter' Ingrid Halland gave the keynote lecture "Towards Deep Surfaces" at the symposium Living Prototypes at Aedes Architecture Forum/ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin.

Although not addressing TiO2 in particular, the topic of the lecture is related to the TiO2 project in several ways. First, by giving a theoretical account of the surface category 'flat', and then by proposing an ethical-aesthetic theory for surfaces as an antidote to the desire for flat and white surfaces. Watch the lecture:

We should be alert against anything that appears too familiar. Because we need to radically change

'Living Prototypes' Panel discussion with Ingrid Halland, Edouard Cabay, Jan Knippers, Martin Tamke, and Arnd Rose.

By turning the danger onto itself, could we reclaim aesthetic desire—stylistic invention—outside the logic of unbridled capitalism? To establish an aesthetic desire for earth walls, with flex fiber slabs, and cellulose printed panels?


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