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Research Exhibition 'Campaign!' opens 21 June 2024

Experience the intersection of aesthetics and extraction at the "Campaign!" research exhibition at Jøssingfjord Science Museum 21. June - 1. December 2024

Graphic design by Exutoire (2024)

The TiO2 Project proudly announces the opening of "Campaign!" a research exhibition that delves into the rich mining history of Jøssingfjord, Norway, through the lens of historical archive material, historical and contemporary landscape paintings, visual depictions of the local landscape, and visions for future extractive landscapes.

The exhibition consists of three parts in three different rooms at the newly built Jøssingfjord Science Museum. The three rooms of the exhibition are curated by the NorWhite team, in collaboration with producer Solveig Tjetland from ROM for kunst og arkitektur, and curators and archivists from Dalane Folkemuseum and Østfoldmuseene.

Artists, architects, and designers included in the exhibition: 

  • Maiken Stene (b. 1983, Norway, born and lives in Sokndal), “Storgangen,” painting (2022), 270 x 450 x 250 cm and 4K drone video “Storgangen” (2022) with soundtrack by composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir "Aeriality" (2011)

  • Maximilian Schob (b. 1989, Germany, lives in Norway), two digital photo collages of the Titania mine, satellite data (open access) and lidar technology, printed on plexiglass (2024)

  • Exutoire (Bùi Quý Sơn, Vietnam, and Paul-Antoine Lukas, France, lives in Oslo/Hanoi), exhibition design, visual identity for the exhibition, and the design intervention "Norsk-hvitt" (2024)

  • Joey Bravo (b. 1999, USA/Spain, lives in Bergen), photograph of a white-painted wooden house in Vermont, USA (2021)

  • Thrine Brun (1909-2003, Norway, worked at Titania), two carved woodworks with motifs from the Jøssingfjord area, unknown year

  • Werner Otto Lichtenberg (1903-1987, Germany, lived in Sokndal), two drawings with motifs from the Jøssingfjord area (1975 and 1976), brushes, paint tubes, and pigments

  • Eystein Berg (1878-1957, Norway, construction engineer at the Norwegian Chamotte Factory and photographer), five photographs of the construction of the Nedre Helleren power station in Jøssingfjord (ca. 1907)

"Campaign!" showcases a diverse collection of artworks and archival materials, focusing on the local history of the mine Titania, which is the producer of ilmenite for the production of the white pigment titanium dioxide. In the first room of the exhibition "Norway in Red, Whitest and Blue," the audience can see early marketing campaigns for titanium white from the 1920s to 1050s. The second room of the exhibition is called "Gold Frames and Grey Gravel" and displays historical and contemporary depictions of the local landscape that reflect the transformative stages of the region's majestic scenery. The third room of the exhibition, "From the Mountains, Onwards?" explores how extractive landscapes might evolve in response to technological advancements and environmental considerations. The final room of the exhibition is a permanent installation in the Jøssingfjord Museum, which will evolve and develop throughout the TiO2 Project.

By combining art and archival materials, we aim to create a space where visitors can gain a deeper appreciation of the past and feel inspired to contribute to future movements.