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The Hierarchies of Art History: Diversity, Whitewashing or Nuance?

As a part of ROM Studio TiO2 Prøvefelt, the TiO2 Project organized a public conversation about diversity, whitewashing and nuances in the history of art. We were honored to have such an distinguished panel:

Jorunn Veiteberg (art historian and curator, Dr.philos), Marit Paasche (art historian and curator, PhD), Line Daatland (director og collections and exhibitions at KODE), and Mai Britt Guleng (curator at The National Museum). The conversation was lead by Simen K. Nielsen (editor of Kunst og kultur, PhD).

Public conversation "Kunsthistoriens hierarkier. Mangfold, hvitvasking eller nyansering?" at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, 12. September 2023

Introduction by Ingrid Halland. Photo: Frank Holtschlag / KUNSTDOK

Photo: Frank Holtschlag / KUNSTDOK

Jorunn Veiteberg and Line Daatland. Photo: Frank Holtschlag / KUNSTDOK

Above: Mai Britt Guleng and Simen K. Nielsen. Right: Marit Paasche. Photo: Frank Holtschlag / KUNSTDOK

The event was generously supported by Fritt Ord.


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