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TiO2 research studio September 2023

We are thrilled to announce our second exhibition affiliated with the TiO2 Project. The research exhibition 'TiO2 Prøvefelt' [trial fields] will be on display between 4. - 17 September at ROM for kunst og arkitektur in Oslo.

TiO2 Prøvefelt displays a collection of historical and contemporary methods for observing and discussing the white pigment Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). During two weeks, ROM for kunst og arkitektur transforms into a trial field: we will present a collection of interdisciplinary research-in-progress to emphasize that research does not emerge in a single body alone, but takes form through collective processes. TiO2 Prøvefelt consists of artistic experiments, historic archival material, presentations from fieldwork, and public debates.

Research Team: Marte Johnslien (leader of MoW), Ingrid Halland (leader of NorWhite), Tonje Haugland Sørensen (senior researcher), Helene Birkeli (postdoc) Julia K. Persson (research assistant), Linda Flø (MoW MA-student group), Silje Kjørholt (MoW MA-student group), and Kshitija Mruthyunjaya (guest researcher).

Trial fields in Fredrikstad, Norway, 1956

Dias from Kronos Titan's archive. Photo: Marte Johnslien


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