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TiO2 in London: A talk at the Royal College of Art

We are back from an amazing week in London - wonderful exhibitions, exciting research meetings at the University of Westminster, UCL, and the Courtauld Institute of Art, and the brilliant symposium ‘The Event of Archeology: Colour Investigations & Reparation’, organised by Ines Weizman and research students of the MPhil/ PhD Architecture Programme.

We are grateful for the critical engagement from the PhD Fellows at the Royal College of Art, who presented papers in which they related their research projects to white color.

We presented our research-in-progress exhibition 'TiO2 Prøvefelt' [TiO2 Trial Fields]. The exhibition was a part of ROM Studio at ROM for kunst og arkitektur. On the slide: Julia K. Persson, “White canvases” (2023)

Marte Johnslien presented her exhibition 'Gaea Norwegica', on display at KRAFT, january - february 2023
Ingrid Halland and Ines Weizman, March 2024


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